The ones that kill fleas and ticks that is. Here in the pet service world, we wait with bated breath for the heavy frost that kills these pesky insects. Unfortunately, it takes at least three really good, heavy frosts to kill off the fleas and ticks and drive the rest into hibernation. And until that happens, Autumn is the time of year when your animal is most at risk for bringing them indoors. The hot weather certainly brings with it an abundant supply of fleas and ticks to combat, but we are all armed and ready to fight with the various products on the market. However, most people stop using commercial products once the cool weather starts, assuming the danger is over. Because of this mindset, fleas and ticks get a free ride…right into your home via your pet.

The reason we see a rise in flea infestations this time of year is that we not only get lax with the preventative treatments, but also the fleas are desperate to get somewhere warm, and your pet is the perfect place to snuggle in for the upcoming winter.

So…if you get the creepy crawlies like I do when you see fleas and ticks, keep up your preventative treatment until there has been three hard frosts. And then for good measure, give one more month of treatment to catch any stow-aways that may have found a warm place in your pet’s bed.

Happy hunting!!!

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