Brushing:  A happy pet is a well maintained pet.  Weekly brushing is a must to keep the oils distributed on the coat. These oils are essential to a healthy, shiny coat.  Whether you brush your dog at home or we do it here, regular brushing helps keep your pet’s coat at it’s optimum beauty.

Grooming:  Professional grooming isn’t just a haircut.  It is an all inclusive spa treatment.  If we were to have a day at the spa, we would receive a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and hairstyling with a great conditioner. This is exactly what your pet receives while here.  When your pet is groomed at our facility, he/she is receiving the best treatment possible.  Our groomers take extra special care with your beloved family member.  And we know that when your pet is happy, so are you.

Nail Trims:  Most people don’t realize just how important it is to keep an animal’s nails trimmed.  Nails that are left too long on a dog can cause the dog’s toes to splay.  This in turn causes the dog to walk in an unnatural way, putting painful pressure on the joints.  Cat nails that are left too long cannot not retract and that can cause a cat to get their nails snagged on carpets, which in turn can rip the nail and cause bleeding.  Both cats and dogs benefit from regular nail trimming. If you can hear your dog’s  nails clicking on the floor, chances are he needs his nails trimmed.  If your cat can no longer fully retract her nails, it’s time for a trim.  We can accommodate any nail trimming without an appointment.

Bathing:   Bathing your pet is essential to maintaining skin and coat health.   Bathing rids your pet of unwanted dead undercoat and dander.  Since your pet sees the groomer more often than the vet, having your pet professionally bathed also is your first line of defense in detecting any skin problems or ear infections that may be brewing. Your groomer checks your pet’s skin and ears for potential issues, which are usually detected at a much earlier stage, sometimes before your pet even starts to show signs of discomfort.  We will always alert you if we see something unusual with your pet so that you can keep your pet as healthy as possible.

Teeth Cleaning:  Pets need their teeth brushed on a daily basis, just like we do.  Unfortunately this is not always practical.  While we do recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth daily, we can help you by  brushing your pet’s teeth during a grooming visit.  We can also guide you to the best products to help keep your pet’s teeth clean in between brushing or professional cleanings done by your veterinarian.

Flea/Tick Bath:  While fleas and ticks can be bothersome and even disgusting to deal with, we at Dog Dayz take a proactive approach to pest control.  We have the most effective flea and tick shampoo available.

 There is one thing worth mentioning however.  While we can give your pet a flea and tick bath to get rid of the pesky insects, a shampoo only kills what is currently on your pet and doesn’t prevent future infestations.  Our approach is to kill what exists and to keep them away with a preventative.  We have an extensive line of flea and tick preventatives that can be used after the flea/tick bath to keep pests at bay.

Skunk Bath:  While we recommend that your dog steer clear of any skunks, we also know that a dog just can’t resist the urge to engage these smelly creatures.  So, for those unfortunate occasions when your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, we can help with our special skunk odor removal shampoo.  And when your dog has the added stress of being sprayed late at night, when we are closed, we sell Skunk Off Odor Remover to keep at home for just such emergencies.  It is easy to use and completely eliminates skunk odor.  And best of all, there is no need for shampoo, just apply and allow to dry.  Your pet will smell better and you won’t have to leave him in the garage for the night.

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