F. The buyers approached the seller with the intention of acquiring 100% of the shares of the company in order to acquire the business activities and operation in accordance with the company`s association protocol for the carry for carry for the seller; The shareholder agreement and the share purchase agreement were merged to offer a deal known largely as the SPCA or Share Purchase Shareholder Agreement. The shareholders` agreement was characterized mainly by the link between the investor and the company, which was endowed with different points of view. This agreement is established on the basis of different rights and obligations of the shareholders, who mainly have the instrumental angles to insure the shareholder. Shareholders` agreement – The shareholders` agreement is the agreement between the company and the shareholders. It can be drafted between a specific part of the shareholder and the company or any shareholder of the company. The shareholders` agreement describes the rights and obligations of shareholders, regulates the sale of shares, protects shareholders (especially minority shareholders) and the company on how the company`s important decisions will be made and how it will operate. The appointment of directors and quorum requirements, the definition of matters requiring special decision-making or the granting of veto rights to certain shareholders, the financial needs of the company, the restrictions of the right, the free transfer of shares, the definition of the obligation of each of the shareholders towards the company. 2.3 The consideration for the sale shares is the fair value per share which must be determined by the chartered accountant in practice or by registered valuer in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. f.

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