For example, Robin agrees to pay tuition for Elise of $5,000 per year. Fees must be paid to Sunny Coast College. Robin`s annual family allowance rate is expected to be reduced by $2,500. For the Children`s Aid Agency to accept a limited maintenance contract for children: if the agreement provides for the provision of goods, services, other payments or benefits, these agreements do not affect the assessment of child support. Goods, services, payments or benefits granted under the provision of the Agreement shall be granted in addition to any administrative assessment. Unlike a limited agreement, a binding agreement can be concluded and accepted, even if no evaluation of family allowances has been carried out. It can be done for each amount on which both parents agree. It could be lower, equal to or higher than the child`s subsistence rate to be paid as part of an administrative assessment. While the child support agreement does not specify how the amounts reduce child support, these are not amounts in accordance with the non-periodic payment rules under the CSA Act, nor is it the annual rate of child support to be paid as part of the administrative assessment (see “Other Payments and Benefits” below).

There are inherent drawbacks to concluding a BCSA. One of them is that it cannot vary. It must either be terminated by agreement or annulled or terminated by the Court of Justice. Other disadvantages are usually related to the real estate count, where your wealth is shared between the two of you and you make financial compromises. Sometimes it is recommended not to enter bcSA, as the CSA assessment may mean that you have to pay less per week. What you decide is a matter of balancing what is best for you as an individual and what is best for your children. It is difficult to amend a compulsory child support contract if there is no agreement with the other party to enter into another binding agreement, either to terminate or amend the previous agreement. As the agreement is binding, each party is required to obtain its own independent legal advice prior to the conclusion of the agreement. Lawyers advise the parties on the pros and cons of entering into a binding agreement. The lawyer of each party is then required to issue a certificate to be completed from this point of view, which must be annexed to the contract and made available to the client before signing the contract.

A binding agreement on maintenance obligations can only be concluded after both parties have sought independent legal advice. The agreement may provide for the payment of an amount of child support higher or lower than the amount fixed by the Children`s Aid Agency. The agreement remains in force until each child has reached the age of 18. . . .

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