If we can repair your vehicle on the side of the road and you need a parts exchange, you will only have to pay the £35 deductible to the patrol. If they cannot be corrected, the average replacement and repair costs include: in order to maintain ownership of your car stress-free, we have introduced a new range of warranty products available through our car dealerships and offering you security against expensive repair bills. If possible, we will try to repair your vehicle in one of our recommended garages – this way we can pay the workshop directly. Your advisor can tell you about it and let you know which garages are in the diagram. You must have maintained your vehicle in accordance with your manufacturer`s recommendations, and this must be done by an appropriate mechanic. Each time you can claim repairs worth up to £535 (including a £35 deductible) – just give us a call before you start the garage work. Call our damage department on 01844 396009. They will inform you of who your authorized repair shop is on site. Once you have brought your car to your repair shop, we will examine them directly. If you sell your car, you can also transfer the remaining coverage period. This provides you with continuous comfort against future expensive repair bills. ~ if the car cannot be repaired within 8 hours, up to a maximum of 7 days # Depending on the product you are removing, the parts and garage cover cannot be used for commercial vehicles (known as “rental and reward”).

This means that we cannot cover taxis, driving instructor cars, ice wagons or parcel delivery, mail or transport vehicles. An advanced vehicle warranty is an option you can consider once the original vehicle manufacturer`s warranty expires. An advanced car warranty can be purchased by the manufacturer itself, a dealer or an independent supplier and usually offers the same level of coverage as the original warranty. * Please read the vehicle repair agreement brochure for full coverage, commitments, exclusions and GTC. You can even pay the breakdown repair bill directly to the workshop. We know that repairs can result in unexpected costs. That`s why we developed Parts and Garage Cover (also known as Breakdown Repair Cover) to help. We also help make the process of repairing your vehicle as simple, fast and hassle-free as possible.

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