z.B. confidentiality agreement (annex or part of the outsourced employment contract) between [nominative organization X] below, referred to as the information giver, and [name of organization placement of introductory comments (e.g. B that an ALS has been created to improve the quality of service) and principles (for example. B the fact that individuals must be allowed to use the service or make services unavailable to third parties). Rendering Service Pack A. Administration and Finance 1. Execution of administrative management, in good conscience and taking into account the interests of the association. Member file and also determine the communication channels used. Because not all types of communication are suitable for service level agreements.

A good example of a measurable instrument is the use of a ticketing system; a digital customer portal in which the temporary work agency can ask questions about “tickets.” Set limits on the use of services to be provided, and dependence on third-party organizations (e.g. B.b) and outline situations in which organizations can invoke a case of force majeure. An ALS is in addition to a cooperation agreement. It is a document that covers service quality agreements. This way you know what you have with each other and what you can expect from each other. The supplier and the customer.. B, for example, a back-office service provider and a temporary employment agency, enter into an agreement that roughly describes (commercial) agreements. Although this is sufficient in many cases, the complexity of cooperation can lead to the separation of specific agreements. In this case, ALS can be valuable.

A good ALS starts with clear agreements on service. What is included and when are there additional services? Consult all stakeholders, including relevant managers, legal services, ICT, etc. Registration is essential for the implementation of a complete and passable ALS. P-Direkt, as a federal shared service centre for staff registration and salary accounting, has deliberately adopted extended service contracts that do not appear to be up to date in practice and appear to be legally valid. A compact and always-updated service charter can contribute to the intelligent and efficient work of the shared services organization. Forque offers the opportunity to do salary processing in the customer`s AFAS profit. For that does so in the customer`s digital environment and therefore does not act as a service organization within the meaning of ISAE3402.

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