Emily Whitcomb Transfer Coordinator 212F Sorensen Hall Call 715-232-1776 whitcombe@uwstout.edu students who are currently undinginted with a degree at UW-Stout are cordially invited to study abroad at UW-Stout programs. Please contact our office in studyabroad@uwstout.edu if you have any questions about our studies abroad. Then you must enter into a financial assistance agreement with the consortium after you have registered each semester. In addition to the 30 general training credits available, you may be able to transfer some professional and technical credits. The number of transfer credits varies according to the agreements. Don`t forget to check your WSU email for updates to your consortium contract and financial support. This is the only email that is used for official communication with you in matters relating to the official affairs of the university. If you are not enrolled in any of these programs, but plan to take all credits to another Minnesota state school, the consortium agreement may not be for you. In some cases, you may be fully enrolled in another school without registered WSU credits, while receiving financial support from WSU with a consortium agreement. A consortium agreement allows a student to obtain financial support from the WSU for course work on another institution. The course work must apply to your WSU degree in order to qualify for financial support.

At the end of the semester, all unionized courses must be transferred to the WSU. Linda Young Associate Director – Transfer and Articulation 212C Sorensen Hall Call or Text 715-232-1787 youngl@uwstout.edu If your course work does not apply to your WSU degree, your consortium agreement will be declined. The IRS will notify you by e-mail, and you have the right to appeal the decision to refuse at that time. If you are a student enrolled in an Associate Science Program (AS) or Applied Science Associate (AAS), these agreements can help you move to a similar program at UW-Stout. The advantage of an articulation agreement is that you may be able to transfer more credits here than a typical transfer student. Before submitting a consortium contract to the WSU, contact the WSU Financial Assistance Office. If you intend to enroll fully in another school while continuing to receive financial assistance from the WSU, you have a unique reflection. Learn more about using a consortium contract to register in full with another institution. Then, by email or fax the consortium agreement to the grant office of the visiting school. Complete the online consortium agreement for each semester after you register at another Minnesota state school. If you are in any of these programs, make sure you are not WSU before the semester of the consortium agreement is over.

Once you graduate, you are no longer a wSU student and you can no longer receive financial assistance. Mollie Ficek Transfer Admissions Counselor 212F Sorensen Hall Call or text 715-232-5467 ficekm@uwstout.edu . . Students attending a Minnesota institution must use the Minnesota State Consortium Agreement form. You can set up your WSU direct deposit online via Student eServices.

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