Contact: Greg Posein Communications Consultant Treaty 8 Alberta First Nations Ph: (780) 690-9744 Start at the source of the main branch of the Red Deer River in Alberta, from there to the central Rocky Mountains, from there to the northwest along the area in question to the point, cutting the 60th parallel, from there to the east, parallel to the point where it cuts Hay River, from there to the northeast along this river to the south shore of the Great Slave Lake, from there along the coast in question to the northeast (and including these rights to the islands in these lakes, as mentioned by the Indians in the treaty), and from there to the east and north along the south coast of Christie`s Bay and , then to the southeast in a straight line to and including Black Lake, then to the southeast the cree Lake Creek, from there, including the lake said to the southwest along the height of the earth between the Athabasca River and the Churchill River, where it intersects the northern boundary of Contract Six, and along the border in question to the east, north and southwest, to the point of departure. Do you want to work with us for change to improve our nations and keep our treaty strong? Since 1997, Alberta`s Treaty 8 First Nations has been dedicated to the social, cultural, educational and economic development of the Treaty 8 First Nations people (Alberta). AND CONSIDÉRANTING that the Indians of that wing, those duly summoned to the Council on the points mentioned here and invited by the Commissioners of Her Majesty to appoint certain chiefs and chiefs who should be allowed on their behalf to conduct such negotiations and to sign a treaty on this issue, and who have held Her Majesty responsible for the faithful performance of their obligations, have therefore recognised to this end the various chiefs and detainees who have committed themselves to this end. Please send, with confidence and by email, your CV, cover letter and salary expectations to: Job-Posting Reference: Administration- 2019-01 to Carrie Kachur, human resources to and whereas, the Indians in question were informed by Her Majesty the Commission and informed that it is their wish for settlements, immigration, trade, travel, mining, the timber industry and other uses such as Her Majesty, a country which is described as limited and described below, and obtain the agreement of their Indian subjects who inhabit this wing, enter into a contract and arrange with them so that between them and Her Majesty`s other subjects, peace reigns and goodwill and that their Indian people know and know what allowances they must count and benefit from Her Majesty. Contract 8 requires the Crown to make annual contractual payments (contractual pensions) to persons registered as Indians and members of a group that signed the contract. Contractual pensions are usually paid in cash at events on the date of the contract. Treaty 8 was one of the few historic contracts signed with First Nations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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