Sick Leave Bank – Instead of short- and long-term disability insurance, the region offers all patients the opportunity to register for Sick Leave Bank. Employees who wish to register must make a one-time donation of one (1) sick day to the bank. If the Sick Leave Mixed Bank falls to less than a hundred days, an additional day is automatically withheld from the staff sick leave and employees are informed accordingly. For more information about Sick Leave Bank, click here. The open registration for participation in the Sick Leave Bank takes place every year. Vision Insurance – Managed by WEBT, the Vision Insurance District offers all regular employees. Coverage is provided by VSP. Here is a summary of monthly bonuses and plan benefits. The annual registration period opened for this plan will take place in November and insurance coverage from January 1. Life Insurance – Managed by Cigna, the district offers an additional life insurance term for all employees who work at least thirty (30) hours per week. This plan includes Cigna Value Added Services.

Here is a summary of monthly bonuses and plan benefits. Registration in this plan is only possible for the first 30 days of employment and is not included in the district`s annual open registration period. mobicred customer authentication offers safe use of your credit facility with licensed online business partners. Wyoming Pension Plan (WRS) – Participation in the WRS Public Employee Pension Plan is mandatory. This pension plan requires a contribution of 18.12% to a worker`s total salary; SCSD2 pays 14.69% of this contribution, and the employee pays 3.43% of this contribution. Employees can also sign up through the Wyoming Retirement System at their own expense for a 457 plan to delay pay. Sheridan County School District #2 tried to hire and retain talented people. Please note the salaries and benefits SCSD-2 below. Medical and dental insurance – Managed by WEBT, the district offers combined medical and dental insurance for all employees who work at least thirty (30) hours per week. Medical care is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming and Dental by Delta Dental.

The annual registration period open for this plan will take place in November, for coverage from January 1. Check out the following links for a summary of monthly premiums, medical plan benefits, and dental plan benefits. . A single account to access all participating Mobicred retail partners gives you the freedom to buy more online. A unique, simple and fast online application process that requires minimal information. Quick application response. Flexible Expenditure Account (FSA) – Managed by Further, the District offers all employees who work at least thirty (30) hours per week the opportunity to register each year for an FSA, with registration open in May for a scheduled year from July 1 to June 30. Employees are not required to register for District Health and Dental Insurance to participate in the FSA. mobicred is a SIMPLE- CONVENIENT credit facility that allows you to make secure online purchases from all participating resellers offering the mobicred payment option. mobicred indicative monthly prices for 12 months at 21%pa, with no account fees.

Accessed, manage and control your account online or via your mobile phone. Paid Leave – All regular workers in the district are entitled to paid leave as follows: If the inspiration strikes, contact the powerful but light IdeaPad C340. You can use it as a laptop, tablet and more. For more privacy, it has a webcam shutter. even with a digital pen – and offers you more opportunities to express yourself.

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