Lagos State Tenancy Law 2011 is the lagos state lease framework law. Another reason why an oral lease is not recommended is that it does not give parties the opportunity to fully verify the conditions they wish to guide their relationship, or to keep track of them. A carefully considered written agreement will answer, among other things, the following questions: When will the tenant have to pay rent? What is the consequence of non-payment of rent on the required day? Which of the parties is required to pay local authority rents? What are the owner`s obligations? What are the tenant`s obligations? Should the tenant be expected to demonstrate a standard of behaviour? Who pays for property insurance? Given that oral contracts are generally entered into by parties who do not wish to involve counsel in the proceedings, it is unlikely that the parties will contemplate any of these situations and thus create a margin of misunderstanding, since no clear expectation or obligation is set out. Where there are no carefully thought-out alliances between the parties, the appearance of one of the above situations will undoubtedly put the parties in a state of confusion and create a burden in an otherwise cordial landlord-tenant relationship. Tenants may prefer temporary rent if they know exactly how long they must occupy a property. The legal status of Rivers State`s operating right in Section 6, paragraph 2 provides that unless there is evidence to the contrary (for example. B of a written agreement), the nature of the tenancy agreement is determined on the basis of the date on which the rent is paid or required. Without written evidence confirming the assertion that the lease is for a fixed term, if the rent is paid regularly, either annually or every six months, or even every quarter or even weekly, the court will consider that the lease is periodic in accordance with the payment of the rent. The landlord or tenant will find, as may be the case, that they are forced to pursue the tenancy agreement until a valid termination is served and that may contravene their original agreement.

This is a possible scenario that may occur as a result of an oral lease. Without concrete evidence, the laws prescribed by law, which may provide rules and procedures contrary to the intentions of the parties at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, apply. Nevertheless, some agreements require special attention. The more an individual can benefit from or lose an agreement, the more attention such an agreement deserves. For example, a simple online purchase transaction cannot receive the same attention as a mortgage contract, employment contract or lease. This is because these latest agreements generally impose more privileges or debts on individuals than the former. Given the importance of these latest agreements, it is imperative that each person related to them understand the terms mentioned in them.

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