6.6 With the exception of actions, procedures, claims or claims under item 6.4 (Confidential Information) and Point 6.5 (Compensation), no party shall be held liable for accidental, indirect, special or subsequent damages of any kind or related to this agreement. For all other claims: (i) in no case, GSMA`s total liability arising from this agreement, whether contractual, unauthorized or other theory of liability, may not exceed US$100 ($100.00); and (ii) under no circumstances should the client`s total liability arising from this agreement, contractually, unauthorized or other theory of liability, exceed us$5,000.00. Although it`s a SaaS Proof of Concept, that doesn`t mean it`s less serious. Recording and archiving results is essential if we want to restart the concept later. Do not skip the steps of quality assurance and follow the company`s policies, regardless of the type of project. There are saaS providers who tell large customers that a free POC only applies to bad SaaS solutions. It`s a dangerous illusion and it`s just a way to impose their solution with a paid PoC. Other services would be less valuable. Of course, this is not true, a free PoC does not diminish the quality of the SaaS application. As with a PoC, the goal of a prototype is to avoid the absence of decisions. But there are differences. A PoC offers an overview of a single product aspect.

A prototype is a working model of different aspects of the software. The development team uses prototyping to find design flaws. By building a prototype, they test the design, ease of use and sometimes also the functionality of the product. With a concept project, you don`t have to do all that because it`s smaller and it just verifies a problem. 4.2 Clients ensure that their personal data handling staff are informed of the confidentiality of personal data, that they have received appropriate training on their responsibilities, and that they have entered into written confidentiality agreements. The client ensures that access to personal data is restricted to staff who provide services in accordance with the agreement. 4.6. The customer agrees to be able to hire third-party subprocessors in the provision of services. The contractual agreement between the customer and each subprocessor contains data protection obligations that protect no less than those of this DP/IS exposure with respect to the protection of personal data, as this applies to the type of services provided by this subprocessor.

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