If you are a good administrator, it is more likely that the owner of the site treats the next filmmaker with kindness and generosity. We all benefit. Choosing and booking your location can be a huge challenge. Is authorization required? How do I get permission from the owner? What do you need? This defines what the production company can do on the site. You can either rent a Local Scout or leave on your own. Although it may be a little more expensive to rent a Local Scout, the time he saves could pay for himself. It`s really the cost of the opportunity that counts. Once the building owner agrees, you should get it in writing, only in case they change their mind. A form for the release of sites is a prerequisite before walking on their land with any equipment, and it protects both parties. One of them is Wrapal, whose goal is to create a win-win offer for filmmakers and homeowners. Normally, the last section of a site-sharing form is, here, agreement on the laws of a given state (usually the state in which you draw; not necessarily the original basis of the production company). A location agreement is a document authorizing the seizure of private property for content recording purposes, whether you are filming, photographing or taking other photographs.

Location agreements must be signed by the owner of the property or its legal representative, even if they allow you to use the property free of charge. However, remember that the owner of the site gives you a place to shoot – a little extra attention and a little personal time can go a long way to secure the location and ensure a smooth experience on the board. Once you`ve filled out the site sharing form and your site owner has signed it, you can get your permission to locate the city or county! If you work on a tight budget, you are more likely to secure the site for free if you are creative with compensation (such as meals, credit, or if it`s a business, a shout on their business or social media site.) You will find other elements in the location agreements: During production, you may need to make changes on the site (p.B. painting walls, hanging images, etc.).

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