How to revoke consent to receive paperless returns and other electronic communications. You can revoke your consent to receive paperless returns in electronic form by contacting us at 1-888-846-7303 or by emailing your notice of retraction. While we do not insert any tax to process the revocation of your consent to receive paperless returns, we may levy a tax for receiving paper extracts, as outlined in our pricing plan. You can withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications other than paperless returns by contacting us at 1-888-846-7303. Any revocation of your consent to receipt of paperless returns or other electronic communications will only take effect when we have a reasonable period of time to process your revocation. You have the option to access your online bank statements for 18 months before being deleted. Mr. KK. USE RESTRICTIONS.

The customer undertakes not to use any of the services, including, but not exclusively, on the online trading banking service, and any other software or other technology or equipment provided by the bank or any of its service providers in or for illegal, fraudulent, unauthorized or incorrect use, and the services are used only in accordance with all applicable laws. Without limitation of the above, the customer accepts that the customer does not use the services for the transmission or dissemination of: (i) junk mail, spam or unsolicited material to persons or entities who have not consented to receive such material or to whom the customer has no legal right to ship such material; (ii) material that violates or violates the intellectual property rights of a third party, public rights, privacy or confidentiality, or the legal rights or obligations of a mobile operator or its customers or subscribers; (iii) hardware or data; whether it is illegal material or data, as established by the bank (at its discretion), i.e. inconvenient, compulsive, defamatory, offensive, insulting, obscene or otherwise offensive material, harmful to minors or excessive, or material whose transfer could damage the reputation of the bank or a third-party provider involved in the provision of services; (iv) materials or data relating to alcoholic beverages (beer. B, wines or spirits), tobacco (for example. B cigarettes, cigars, etc.); whistling, chewing tobacco, weapons or weapons related to weapons (. B for example, firearms, bullets), illegal drugs (for example. B, cocaine), pornographic (e.g. B for adults, sexual content), criminal offences (. B for example, organized crime, notorious characters), violence (for example.

B, violence games), death-. B

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